„Spark of Life” Deutschland Tour 2015


Marcin Wasilewski Trio (Marcin Wasilewski- piano, Slawomir Kurkiewicz – double- bass, Michael Miskiewicz- drums) feat. Joakim Milder (tenor saxophone) moves to the next stage of the tour „Spark of Life” Deutschland Tour 2015.
„The best export” Polish jazz trio enjoys enormous popularity in Europe. A month before their concert at this year’s London Jazz Festival /15.11./ tickets were sold out for the last place. We hope that in Germany- Trio’s label homeland (ECM Records from Munich), where the band will perform at the third tour after releasing new album in October 2014 – also fans will attend.
Concerts will be held in Singen 12.11., 13.11 Ludwigshafen., Erlangen 17.11., 18.11 Ingolstadt., Munich 19.11. and Düsseldorf 23.11.
The tour ” ‚Spark Of Life’ the Deutschland Tour 2015 ” takes place thanks to the support of the Foundation for the Polish-German Cooperation (Die Stiftung für deutsch-olnische Zusammenarbeit), www.fwpn.org.pl.

Slawek Wrzask